Our portal was created to spread the ideas of sustainable construction and to show examples of buildings whose creators raising them keeping in mind the ecological aspect. We show houses entirely made with environmentally friendly materials and technologies that should be used in homes that they are not only ecological, but also energy efficient. Our goal is to talk about the construction industry, that puts a huge role to care for the environment.


Range of interests
Speaking of construction, we mean not only the architectural design or the works related to the construction of the house. We would also indicate interesting solutions in the field of ecological technologies to the house, in the field of interior design, furnishing the rooms or at the end of their decorating. Our assumption is to enable readers interested in the good of the environment, to create ecological house from the foundations to the bucket in the kitchen.


Let's together protect the environment!
As part of our website we also present examples of eco-homes, so if your homes meet or will meet the criteria of ecological buildings, please contact us - we write about them. Through us, they can become a model for other environmentally-friendly buildings.