The programs below are our ongoing efforts to bring engaging educational science learning to the public. We hope you'll take a moment to see what we're doing and consider contributing to our fight against science illiteracy.

  • Celebrate Science

    Celebrate Science

    This program establishes an online community of High School science clubs and organizations that share their events, activities, and work with each other. IBN provides each chapter with a packet of activities that include recommendations for ...


    Goal: $154,700 Raised: $56,350

  • Science in the Classroom

    Science in the Classroom

    IBN goes into the classroom! This program sends trained college students into grade 3‐6 classrooms and afterschool venues to engage students in STEM learning. Each volunteer showcases an aspect of scientific methodology or...


    Goal: $123,300 Raised: $19,500

  • Science on Demand

    Science on Demand

    Science on Demand is a program that offers short, high-quality, online videos to explain a variety of scientific processes, buzzwords, and everyday technology. Accessible, straightforward explanations of what science teaches us attract, excit...


    Goal: $94,800 Raised: $9,200